Apex Physics Partners Earns 2021 Great Place to Work Certification

Any Apex Physics Partners employee will tell you that Apex is a great place to work with: no certification is needed. Still, it’s nice to have.

Great Place to Work, a global authority on workplace culture and employee experience, awarded Apex Physics Partners a 2021 Great Place to Work Certification, and now we feel even more proud to come to work every day.

What a Great Place to Work Certification Means

Great Place to Work is on a mission to build a better world by helping organizations become great places to work. Since 1992, the organization has surveyed more than one hundred million employees worldwide. Drawing from nearly thirty years of insights, Great Place to Work has developed its certification as a means to reward companies that embody values that are important to employees: values like trust, respect, and recognition. 

Certification doesn’t involve a cold analysis of whether a workplace’s culture works in theory: it’s the company’s own employees who determine whether a company qualifies as a Great Place to Work. The core of the certification process is an anonymous survey in which current employees provide honest answers to questions about what working for their company is like. 

“Great Place to Work certification isn’t something that comes easily,” says Sarah Lewis-Kulin, vice president of global recognition at Great Place to Work. “It takes ongoing dedication to the employee experience. It’s the only official recognition determined by employees’ real-time reports of their company culture. Earning this designation means that Apex Physics Partners is one of the best companies to work for in the country.”

What Makes Apex Physics Partners “Great”

Apex Physics Partners prides itself on the services it provides through the Apex Physics Support Group: client services, accounting/finance, sales, marketing, human resources, recruiting, information technology, data analytics, vendor management, legal, and insurance. By providing partners with everything they need to succeed, Apex strives to raise standards in medical physics and radiation safety. 

Apex is equally proud of the team that makes all these services as effective as they are. By providing a great place to work for its employees, Apex demonstrates how it is an ideal place for medical physicists, dosimetrists, and others to grow their careers and be a part of an award-winning team. The more than one hundred current employees who participated in the Great Place to Work survey felt strongly enough about their roles in the company to fulfill the Great Place to Work criteria, earning Apex the certification. 

“Being Great Place to Work certified is an honor, and it is a testament to both our leadership team and the incredible employees who make our business what it is today,” says Nina McHenry, director of HR and Integrations at Apex. “We’ve worked hard to create a culture that celebrates innovation, collaboration, and a passion for excellence, and our team has readily embraced those principles. We believe that putting our ideals into practice is what makes Apex Physics Partners the gold standard in the industry.” This is reflected in the fact that Apex has experienced less than a 2 percent turnover rate in most months.

Working at Apex Physics Partners

The Apex team has grown from 14 in 2014 to 157 by 2021, making it the largest outsourced medical physics company in North America. This growth is itself a testament to how much Apex employees love their jobs. We’re proud to not only sustain workplace satisfaction through such rapid growth but also to continue developing our workplace culture to the point that it merits recognition from an organization as prestigious as Great Place to Work. “We are dedicated to our employees and their families and it is at the top of our mind in all business decisions,” says McHenry. “We strive for work/life balance, great benefits, and flexible schedules. We are constantly reevaluating our offerings to make sure that we are providing the right kind of support to our employees.”

Recent world events have rightfully caused many employees across sectors and industries to rethink their work lives, with one in four workers quitting their jobs in 2021. Apex understands that workers are looking for an employer that listens to their needs, honors their input, and respects their lives outside of work—one that makes employees true partners in its mission while encouraging them to be their happiest, healthiest selves. Apex puts forth a great effort to create a great work environment—because it is the employees who make Apex great, and their satisfaction means everything.

Apex is looking for more people to join its team so it may become an even greater place to work. Visit our careers page to see if there’s an opening near you that matches your interest and skill set.