Services Provided

Patient safety is at the heart of what we do. Our highly-trained, best-in-class physicists provide a wide range of comprehensive medical, health and therapy physics consulting services tailored to meet the needs of all clients, big and small. All services are and are backed by Apex Physic Partners’ extensive resources and administrative support. Our team aims to truly become part of your team.

Diagnostic Imaging And Services

Partnering with our medical and health physicists ensures that your equipment meets state and national regulatory compliance standards. Our large team of physicists provides services to hospital systems, imaging networks, private practices and research facilities nationwide. We have become an indispensable part of our clients’ ongoing medical physics programs, as well as instrumental in the planning and development of new imaging facilities.

We specialize in the following modalities: CT, mammography, MRI, Nuclear imaging/ PET, fluoroscopy, radiography, ultrasound and general diagnostic imaging.

Services include accreditation assistance, initial and annual performance testing, shieling design, RAM audits, radiation badges and training.

Our academic excellence and strength in numbers combined with our physicists’ wide range of technical experience provides our clients with timely response times, access to an unrivaled breadth of expertise and unsurpassed diagnostic abilities.

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Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) Programs

Our RSO will handle the implementation, administrative and technical aspects of your radiation safety program throughout your entire facility. It is the interaction between the RSO and the end users that is the foundation for a sound radiation safety program. We focus on compliance so you can focus on your patients.

An Apex Physics Partners RSO has the administrative and technical support of the entire firm to help deliver a tailor-made program that meets all regulatory requirements.

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Radiation Therapy

Your clinic needs your radiation therapy treatments to be accurate every time. Apex Physics Partners’ physicists provide comprehensive medical physics services so that your equipment’s output is always consistent, accurate, and safe. We optimize your equipment to keep treatments efficient and effective, while always dedicating ourselves to patient outcomes and clinical success. We can provide uninterrupted coverage during vacations, training, sick days, and turnover.

We will seamlessly integrate into your program, either remotely or onsite. Our focus is on patient treatment and the implementation of new programs and technology.

Partnering with Apex Physics Partners ensures your clinic has advanced knowledge of all treatment modalities, regulatory guidelines, and safety standards with access to state-of-the-art software and hardware.

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Dosimetry (Treatment Planning)

Our dosimetrists have comprehensive knowledge in all aspects of treatment planning, allowing us to better serve your clinical needs.  Dosimetry services are tailored to each individual client and are based on treatment techniques (3D, IMRT, VMAT, SBRT), department treatment modalities (EBRT, HDR, LDR), and patient volumes.

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We create consistent, comprehensive commissioning on every project by going above and beyond what is considered industry standard. We work with all major OEMs to cover all Linac and treatment planning commissioning needs.

Our custom proprietary software, Quadrant, utilizes full data set collection and sets the new standard for model validation. By extracting dose directly from the TPS and comparing it to the measured data, Quadrant streamlines the process of commissioning and can deliver results in days instead of weeks.

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Hardware and Software

In addition to our robust service modality offerings, Apex Physics Partners offers certain hardware and software packages to our clients. Examples include:

  • Dosimetry badges and dosimeters to track exposure and ensure compliance with all regulatory bodies.
  • QC phantom programs based on recommendations from the American Association of Physicists.
  • Quadrant quality assurance software.

For more information on our hardware and software offerings, contact our sales team.

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An Apex Physics Partners team member will contact to you answer any questions and will be happy to arrange for a service quote for your facility.