Apex Physics Partners Named One of the 2022 Best Workplaces in Health Care™

Like many health-care providers, we at Apex Physics Partners have been challenged to adapt flexibly to an evolving market in recent years. That makes our recognition as one of the 2022 Best Workplaces in Health Care by Fortune and Great Place to Work (GPTW) especially meaningful. We’re greatly honored that 91 percent of Apex employees said that our company is a great place to work—that’s thirty-four points higher than the national average!

Focused on Improving the Employee Experience

This is the second consecutive year that we’ve been named one of the Best Workplaces in Health Care, and we are committed to extending that streak. The award is given on the basis of confidential employee surveys that are sent out to organizations that have already been Great Place to Work Certified. “This is my favorite recognition that our company has received because it is by the employees, for the employees,” says Michael Curry Jr., our CEO.

Our recent certification motivates us to continue improving the employee experience at Apex. We believe that the best way to do that is to give our physicists the freedom to choose how to best apply their talents to serve patients. “It’s been great not to be micromanaged, and I strive to do that for our employees as well,” says Lisa Genovese, diagnostic medical physicist and technical operations manager at Krueger-Gilbert Health, an Apex partner. “Not only does Apex encourage us to participate with AAPM, ACR and other organizations, they are actively providing their own opportunities within the company to learn, grow and become a leader in the field.”

Being Part of a Network that Cares About Patients

One of the reasons that our employees report satisfaction with our network is that they retain independence as our partners. Stephanie Simpson, medical physicist at Alyzen Medical Physics, an Apex partner, says, “With Apex, we were still able, as a practice group, to operate the way that we have been and like to. We have input for our own companies, but we can also give feedback to Apex.” That back-and-forth process has made the Apex network a valuable resource for our member practices.

Many of our partners tap our network to share knowledge and improve service delivery for patients. “In the diagnostics side of physics, there’s a lot of variation in how things are tested and what’s required to be tested within states and other regulatory organizations,” reflects Joshua Johnson, chief compliance medical physicist at Diagnostic, an Apex partner. “We’ve been able to bounce questions among the different physics groups within Apex to see how everybody’s addressing these requirements. It’s collaboration without demands of uniformity.” We strive to maintain that flexibility to ensure that our partners continue to enjoy working with us.

Unlocking New Opportunities for Our Partners

Against the backdrop of the Great Resignation, many medical professionals are thinking seriously about their professional futures, and finances are just one part of the picture. Mike Nimmo, physicist at Radcom Associates, an Apex partner, emphasizes, “If you want to grow and you want opportunity, this is the place to be.” Fellow Radcom physicist Jessica Salazar agrees: “People are always encouraging us to do better, to grow as physicists, to get more certifications and complete more training, and there is always support to help us do more.” Apex resources make it simpler for our partners to provide the gold standard in medical physics and radiation safety solutions.

At Apex, we are acutely aware that our success stems from our dedicated medical physicists. We can continue to call our talented and knowledgeable physicists our “partners” only if we can make our network a truly great place to work. In the last year, our turnover rate has been as even as the health-care industry as a whole has been hit by an exodus of qualified staff (the American Hospital Association reports that 23 percent of hospitals currently have a critical staffing shortage). We’re deeply honored by the commitment and loyalty of our employees, and it’s our goal to continue to earn their trust in the coming years.

Welcoming New Partners at Apex

At Apex, we’re always looking to work with great partners. From our medical residency program for recent graduates to our equity investment program for physicists and dosimetrists, we take collaboration seriously. We are currently looking for more people to join the Apex partner network. Visit our careers page to see our openings in your area today.