Apex Physics Partners Continues Midwest Expansion Through Partnership With Advanced Medical Physics

TOWSON, MARYLAND (February 11, 2021) — Apex Physics Partners (APP), a leading medical physics business services support organization, is proud to announce a new partnership with Advanced Medical Physics (AMP), a leader in diagnostic medical physics services in Indiana.

The partnership with Advanced Medical Physics represents the seventh transaction for Apex Physics Partners since inception and the fourth transaction in less than two years of partnership with Blue Sea Capital. AMP, headquartered just outside of Indianapolis, Indiana, will join forces with Apex as it expands its reach in the Midwest.

AMP has provided diagnostic medical physics services to health care providers in its home market and across the country for more than nineteen years.

“When Roy Heltzel from KGHP reached out to me a few years back to introduce me to Michael [Curry], I could sense that the direction he and Keith were taking Apex was the right direction for medical physics, and I wanted to be involved. Sometimes, timing is everything. We continued to stay in touch and, when the stars aligned, we partnered,” says Will Breeden, DABR, founder and president of AMP. “I see a lot of opportunity for growth at AMP, and I am excited to work with the Apex Support Group to help manage some of the administrative aspects of the business so that I can focus on expansion and client service. I am also looking forward to working alongside my fellow practice group leaders to bring more quality physics and radiation safety to more communities.”

“Will is a well-respected physicist with an exemplary work ethic. He has a clear vision for his practice and has thoughtful ideas about the direction of Apex as a whole. I am looking forward to supporting him and AMP in its next chapter,” says Michael Curry, CEO of APP.

“At Apex, we refer to ourselves as one nation made up of many tribes. AMP’s addition to Apex is a welcome addition to the nation. Will has a growth mindset and is not anchored to the way things used to be done. He is a leader that we are proud to work with,” says Keith Burns, President of APP. “By partnering with AMP, Apex continues to execute on our model of pairing high-quality local physics practices with dedicated world-class business support services. We have strong conviction that this combination delivers the most value to clients and creates the best environment for physicists to thrive.”

The addition of Advanced Medical Physics brings the rapidly growing Apex Physics Partners team to 111 members (up from 16 in 2014). APP practices now serve more than 3,200 clients throughout the mid-Atlantic, Midwest, and South, supporting many of the best-regarded health systems, imaging networks, cancer treatment facilities, private practices, and research facilities in the country.

About Apex Physics Partners

Apex Physics Partners ( is a medical physics business services support organization. Through the Apex Physics Support Group, partner physics practices receive an array of support services including client services, accounting/finance, sales, marketing, human resources, recruiting, information technology, data analytics, vendor management, legal, and insurance.

Advanced Medical Physics

Advanced Medical Physics ( is a full-service medical physics consulting company specializing in providing diagnostic radiological physics, nuclear medicine physics, and radiation safety, with specialized expertise in all imaging modalities to hospitals and diagnostic imaging centers throughout the Midwest.