Apex Physics Partners Expands Into Hawaii and the Pacific Islands With New Gamma Corporation Partnership

Regional market leader brings more than 40 years of patient-first medical physics services and radiology imaging expertise to Apex

TOWSON, MARYLAND —  May 19, 2021 — Apex Physics Partners, the largest outsourced medical physics company in North America, today announced a new partnership with Gamma Corporation (Gamma). Headquartered in Honolulu, Gamma is the preeminent diagnostic medical physics provider in Hawaii, with services throughout the Pacific Islands. The partnership furthers Apex’s strategy of supporting regional medical physics leaders with the strongest reputations for quality and safety within their communities. Gamma anchors Apex’s leadership in a significant new market, heralding a push westward by the Maryland-based company.

Philip Manly, the founder of Gamma Corporation, said, “We evaluated several partners to support our growth and transition, and none of them came close to what Apex offers. The Apex Partner Pathway to Excellence is the most strategic and patient-centric approach to delivering medical physics services. We look forward to helping Apex grow to support more communities.”

Independent medical physics practice leaders and physicists across the U.S. trust Apex to modernize and automate their businesses so they can focus on what they do best: serving their communities and healthcare partners. The partnership with Gamma is the third of its kind in 2021 and the ninth transaction for Apex. The company now serves more than 3,900 customers, including leading health systems, imaging networks, cancer treatment centers, private practices, and research facilities.

Driven by its core mission to provide a personalized and safe patient experience, Gamma Corporation has provided critical medical and health physics services to health systems, medical practices, and government authorities in Hawaii, Guam, American Samoa, and other Pacific Islands for more than 40 years. Gamma employs a technology-first approach to raise the scientific standards of medical physics and to ensure its healthcare clients and their patients receive the best possible care.

“Phil and his team at Gamma Corporation are incredibly respected for always delivering quality work and services. We’re honored to have them join our network and help expand our collective footprint as we work to support healthcare customers across the U.S.,” said Michael Curry, CEO of Apex Physics Partners.

About Apex Physics Partners

Apex Physics Partners ( is the largest medical physics services organization in North America. Through the Apex Physics Support Group, partner physics practices receive an array of support services, including sales, marketing, accounting/finance, human resources, recruiting, information technology, data analytics, vendor management, legal, and insurance. Apex Physics Partners is backed by Blue Sea Capital, a West Palm Beach-based private equity firm with over $750 million in assets under management.