Focus on What You Love

Apex Physics Partners is committed to helping you operate your business well by optimizing your time, expertise, and resources. By investing in your practice, Apex facilitates a medical physics practice’s day-to-day operations such as accounting, human resources, sales and marketing, and more, so you can focus on what you do best.

Now is the Time to Future-Proof Your Business

The healthcare industry continues to consolidate and rapidly transform, resulting in a volatile landscape that brings even greater risk and uncertainty. Providers now demand a standardized approach to medical physics and radiation safety services enabling them to lower their costs, leverage a data-driven approach and provide more personalized patient care.

Apex can help you deliver all this and more.

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Our Services

When you rely on Apex Physics Partners, you are supported, not controlled. We take the worry out of the following areas so you can concentrate on what matters most to your practice and to Apex — patient care.

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Recruiting
  • Human Resources
  • Accounting/Finance
  • Information Technology
  • Data Analytics
  • Legal/Insurance

Benefits of a Partnership

A partnership with Apex Physics Partners provides you the resources to grow and optimize your practice while enjoying the financial rewards of building a successful practice.

  • Get Back to Being a Physicist

    Do what you do best: practice physics and take care of your team. Offer new services, grow your business and recruit the best physicists to join your team, so you can continue to serve your local community with less of business management stress on your shoulders.

  • Receive Tangible Value for the Business You Have Built

    At an attractive valuation, you can put cash in your pocket and realize some of your multi-year investment without foregoing the opportunity for upside potential.

  • Participate in Apex as an Equity Holder

    Your ROI is no longer tied only to the hours your team works. Rather, you become a part of a larger, more diversified company with strong growth prospects greater than an individual practice.

  • Better Data to Make Better Business Decisions

    Make optimal use of Apex’s advanced technology and data analytics to guide your hiring, pricing and expansion decisions.

  • Bring Your Ideas to Life at Scale

    Be part of something bigger and help us shape the medical physics industry with new services, technology and ideas.

  • Happier Customers and Employees

    We help with technology that makes it easier for your customers to do business with you. Our Apex University provides a pathway for continued professional growth for employees while Apex structure provides opportunities for upward mobility for those with greater career objectives.

What Our Partners Say About Us

Client Testimonial Section

When Keith and Michael purchased KGHP in 2014, there was a bit of hesitation and reservation from the staff. But they took the time to get to know both the technical and client services teams. They listened and learned what was important about the way we deliver services and some of the challenges we were having. As a result, they reinvested resources into the purchase of new equipment and helped us develop solutions to our problems.

Michele F. Loscocco

President of KGHP

We’re pleased to partner with Apex because we can continue to lead the practice we’ve built with the support of people who have significant experience with business operations. The Apex partnership also affords us the time, as well as the structure, to collaborate with like-minded practice leaders for the benefit of our practice and the medical physics industry as a whole.

John Sadler

Vice President and Partner of Radcom Associates

Michael and Keith respect us as practice leaders and we believe our reputation for quality physics, developing meaningful partnerships with our clients, and our unique company culture will be preserved as we work together to achieve our collective vision for medical physics. 

Lyle Wilson

President of Radcom Associates

I have watched Apex implement operational best practices, welcome new technology, and grow a practice while maintaining outstanding physics standards and attracting high-quality physicists. I believe practices that embrace technology, preserve quality and deliver operational excellence will be best positioned to thrive in the future. I’m a physicist and not necessarily a management person — that expertise really makes me excited about being a part of Apex Physics Partners.

Bryon Murray

CEO of OMPC and ZapIT!

Apex saw and respected my vision for Alyzen and our technology. I have built and run a successful practice, but partnering with Apex allows us to leverage our technology to assist even more facilities and more greatly impact patient outcomes. I have previously been approached by others to join forces. But, they do not offer what Apex offers me — the ability to preserve the name and reputation I have built in the marketplace, to maintain my clinical autonomy, and to work with my fellow practice leaders to accomplish things that would be very difficult to do on our own.

Mark Deweese

Founder and President of Alyzen

We Can Do More Together

Why do it alone when you can instead significantly increase your ROI, reduce risk, offer more to your team and customers, and create new innovative services for our industry, all while continuing to lead your business?

We are passionate about finding incredible experts like you who we can help. It’s one of our biggest priorities at Apex. Let us help you expand your business allowing you to focus on what you do best — serve your patients and communities.


  • Why should I consider selling (and taking an equity position in Apex)?

    For many practice owners, holding 100% percent — or whatever share they might have — represents most of their net worth. When considering COVID and its disruptions to business and other industry changes taking place within physics, this may not be the best financial strategy for you.


    Apex is an opportunity to diversify and de-risk. You convert the value of your business into a combination of cash that you can put into the bank, as well as shares in Apex. These shares give you a continued financial stake in your practice and its success as well as share in the success of other best-in-class practices across the country.


    And you do this without ceding day-to-day control of your practice.


    People also commonly partner with Apex because they discover that administrative tasks end up consuming a lot of their working day. Apex lets them offload those tasks, so they can return to the things that originally drew them to a career in medical physics.

  • Why should I sell today?

    One of the key reasons practice owners are selling right now is to gain the security and benefits of being part of a large, stable, and well-funded organization that has the ability to withstand economic shocks.


    Apex is also still a relatively young organization. Gaining a seat at the table early gives an individual greater input as the group grows.


    The potential for long-term equity appreciation is also greater today. As Apex grows over time, the relative value a practice represents to the group is likely to decrease over time. Our willingness to make the offers we can make today is likely to decrease as well.

  • What does the process look like?

    The CEO or President of Apex will speak with you (the practice owner) to determine that the culture and the core values of the practice are a good fit. It also gives you an opportunity to do the same.


    Then, under a non-disclosure agreement, we send some information requests to get a better grasp of the structure and financial performance of the practice.


    This provides the basis for an illustrative financial evaluation. If the owner is satisfied, we move forward with a Letter of Intent. This signals a good faith intention to commit the resources to negotiate and conclude a sale while giving the owner the option to withdraw if they’re not comfortable.


    We then perform all the necessary financial, operational and legal due diligence and draft a purchase agreement. Once signed, the practice owner receives payment, shares and comes on board as an Apex Partner.

  • What is Apex going to do for me (that I can’t do for myself)?

    The practices that we want to join Apex are already exceptional and successful!


    But we know they contain substantial potential. Simply leveraging the tools we’ve built can let that practice leader optimize the practice both financially and operationally so it can grow much more rapidly. Apex will help you recruit both client services and technical talent.


    Apex will also provide on-the-ground sales and marketing support in your market. So there’s always somebody contacting prospective customers to demonstrate that you are the best option in that marketplace. We call our process for practice building, The Apex Pathway to Excellence.

  • What am I giving up?

    We do take on the fiduciary responsibility to manage finances — accounts receivable and payable, as well as payroll.


    You also give up the ability to take excess cash out of the business. But consider that we are taking that cash, then reinvesting into Apex and your practice to deliver even greater dollar returns in the form of equity value appreciation.

  • What am I gaining?

    We bring data — real, granular detail on how much money a practice is making per client relative to the cost of a physicist. We help you benchmark profitability versus your peers and quantify the opportunities for growth within your market.


    Of course, practice owners can do this themselves, but this requires considerable time and financial resources. The return on such investment is often unattractive for an individual practice.


    We spread that cost across Apex. This means our practices gain tools they can leverage to achieve even stronger growth and profitability without incurring undue financial burden.

  • How do you come up with an offer price?

    There are four components that make up the basis of our offer price. First, we consider the overall size of the revenue base of the practice and the amount of diversification in that revenue base. We also look at the growth profile of the business — its ability to retain customers and grow revenue. Finally, we look at overall practice profitability.

  • If I take shares as a part of an offer, how do I cash out?

    Businesses such as Apex, that are looking to grow meaningfully over the next several years tend to not immediately pay dividends or distributions. That’s because reinvesting in the business is likely to produce a greater return on investment for all shareholders, including practice leaders.


    However, we expect there will be a liquidity event in three to five years. This event will create an opportunity for all Apex shareholders to decide whether or not they want to sell some or all of their shares at an agreed-upon price or continue as investors and enjoy further tax-free growth.

  • What decisions will I continue to make?

    You remain responsible for staffing, client service and overall service delivery of your practice. Essentially, you continue to manage your practice as you see fit with the benefit of Apex support resources