Compliance Matters

Feel empowered to focus on what you need to with a designated RSO. Our RSO will handle the administrative and technical aspects of your radiation safety program while you handle what you’re passionate about — patient care.

Be Confident in Your Compliance With an RSO

Today’s RSO is expected to ensure radiological safety and regulatory compliance throughout the entire facility. This usually involves many departments, a broad range of radioactive materials, and an increasingly complex array of radiation-producing machines.

A physician or full-time technical employee is not likely to have the time or expertise to comprehensively address the many facets of the program and keep up with ever-changing regulations.

When you rely on us, we provide qualified individuals to serve as your facility’s RSO. We focus on compliance so you can focus on your patients.

Our Services

Radiation Safety/Quality Assurance Program

Our physicist ensures regulatory compliance by providing all the necessary policies and procedures. After implementing the program, an annual audit is conducted and appropriate corrective action is taken to address and rectify any noted deficiencies.

Our RSO program includes the following services:

  • On-site presence (actual time will depend on complexity of program)
  • Oversight of dosimetry/ALARA program
  • Investigation of unusual exposure and radiological incidents
  • Follow-up on corrective actions
  • Training of staff
  • Continual auditing of radioactive materials usage
  • On-going communication with executive leadership
  • Evaluation of patient exposure in high-risk areas (interventional and CT)
  • Annual program audit

A Partner on Your Team Helping You Succeed

Client Testimonial Section

We have developed a great relationship with our Radiation Safety Officer, Malek Daneshvar.  He has done a fantastic job of assuring that we are fully compliant with all regulatory agencies, all supporting physicists complete and report equipment testing, our team is well educated and our records are organized and easily retrievable by anyone familiar with the program.

I highly recommend this company!

Dan Mapes, MPA, RT(N), CRA

Quality and efficiency: two necessities in the field of medical physics. I would recommend Alyzen to any cancer center in need of quality and efficient commissioning expertise.

Peter T. Heiberger, M.S.

Alyzen’s staff is very professional and provides a high level of service. In addition, they are able to provide excellent coverage for vacations. This arrangement is great for a small clinic that only requires one physicist and dosimetrist. I cannot say enough good things about them.

Dr. Ken Gardner

I would absolutely and wholeheartedly without reservation recommend Alyzen for any commissioning job to anyone who asks for my opinion. I look forward to continuing a relationship with their team for annuals and other work for years to come.

John C. Upton, MS, DABR