Clinical Expertise Meets Business Perspective

The Apex Physics Partners team is composed of people passionate about providing effective service and support to our medical physics partners so they can make a profound impact on the communities they serve. Our medical physics practice groups want to shape the future of the industry by creating a larger platform by joining with a value-aligned partner.

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A Team of Caring and Supportive Professionals

Client Testimonial Section

Apex offers a unique work experience where all employees have a chance to contribute to the culture and success of the organization. Apex utilizes tools like EOS that provide real avenues for voices to be heard and for all employees to weigh in on process changes. Coming to work at Apex, I know that my actions will have a direct and visible impact on the future of the organization.

Peter Mares

Director of Process Improvement

Working for Apex has been a wonderful experience mostly because of the amazing team we have. We have such a talented and diverse group of people that are so devoted and passionate about their work and our clients. I really enjoy meeting new practice groups and staff and integrating them into the Apex family and being a resource to them and their families in any way that I can.

Nina McHenry, SHRM-CP

Director of HR and Integrations